Autoship Done Right Ain’t Easy

Template Dev / API Integration / Backend Dev

Vital Plan wanted to stop relying on physician referrals to sell their health supplements and instead enter the general market with a bang. Their existing website was out of date, unreliable, hard to manage and in short, incapable of garnering trust, the crucial element for the highly-competitive supplement market. For these reasons and more, a serious upgrade was needed — and fast!


Sellry helped Vital Plan identify the most important features to include for launch. Next Sellry worked closely with the design team to code an all-custom template exhibiting the very latest best practices. After that, Sellry created a quiz-based product recommendation engine and other advanced features. Sellry wrapped up the launch version of the site with marketing automation, retention/conversion, search personalization and warehouse platforms.


The new website met and exceeded Vital Plan’s original goals. It’s refreshingly easy to browse articles and blog posts that link to exact the products to help with particular conditions. Even the checkout is beautifully effortless, and customers feel better taken care of since communication from the website is automatically consistent. Vital Plan staff are able to spend more time helping their business grow, as manual data entry is a thing of the past.

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