Hey there! We’re looking for an amazing freelance PHP/WordPress developer. The short version is that we build a lot of beautifully designed marketing websites on WordPress from ground up, mostly because it’s just an incredibly flexible platform. We need your help to build and deliver these marketing sites to our clients in spectacular fashion.

As a passionate developer, you understand the importance of your craft. Design isn’t just how it looks, its how it feels and how it works. That’s where you come in. You’ll be working remotely, primarily with our design team and director to bring some amazing concepts to life.

We want our clients to be able to edit their websites without us once we’ve finished the project. So, we typically use Advanced Custom Fields Pro to create editable fields throughout the site that our clients can update any time without hassle. Having a sound knowledge of how this plugin works would be fantastic.

We understand you freelance because you like to work on your own terms. We respect that and we’re happy to gel with how you currently work. We care about results, not seeing you work 9 to 5. You can join our Slack team where you’re encouraged to check in with us whenever you’ve got something cool to show, questions for us to answer or just for a nice chat. For longer-term projects, we have standups every Monday morning (or whenever suits you best).

Quality of front-end development is incredibly important to us — we’re only able to execute on our vision for the design if our HTML, CSS and JavaScript is equally up to scratch. We’re big fans of Atom and MAMP but when you’re developing locally, you can use whichever web server solution stack and editor you want. We have a team account on GitHub for our repositories. We’ve also created a lightweight WordPress theme framework that uses Node.js to handle Sass compilation — we’d love for you to use this but we’re also totally open to suggestions.