The holidays are quickly approaching. That means that there is a wave of customers preparing the make holiday purchases. This year, it is expected that over 50% of holiday shopping will occur online. Over the next few weeks, we are sharing some resources that we believe will help you prepare. 

First up in our series, we have a technology playbook prepared by our partner, ShoppingGives. ShoppingGives has created a technology to give back on every purchase, at no extra cost to the consumer. ShoppingGives integrates seamlessly into an eCommerce store’s customer shopping journey, creating a frictionless giving experience for customers and guiding the customer to convert, with the knowledge that a donation is created with every purchase.

In their recently released guide, ShoppingGives shares overviews of six different technologies and how they can benefit your conversion rates throughout the holiday season and beyond. This technology includes:

  • Yotpo which helps brands integrate product reviews and user-generated content throughout your customer journey, providing built-in trust signals and social proof to potential customers that helps lead to conversions. 
  • Sezzle, an alternative payment method that allows customers the option to buy now pay later, an especially important option for these higher spending months. 
  • Fulfillment partner, ShipBob, which provides affordable or free 2-day shipping and reduces logistical hassles.
  • Returnly, the return management solution that helps brands offer free and streamlined returns. 
  • Klaviyo,  a growth marketing platform that helps brands maximize marketing automation and make full use of their customer data.
  • And of course, ShoppingGives which helps brands keep in mind the holiday spirit of giving while building meaningful customer relationships and boosting conversion rates.

This is an excellent guide for starting to build your tech stack in order to prepare for the craziness of the holidays. We also recommend looking into:

  • Subscription options like ReCharge in order to establish a customer relationship during the holidays that will hopefully extend far after the season is over
  • Customer service solutions like Gorgias which help you manage all of your customer support in one place

If your brand would like help integrating the above solutions or has unique needs outside of the options presented here, contact us. The developers as Sellry have worked with hundreds of apps and all major ecommerce platforms and can provide informed and individualized recommendations on building your brand’s tech stack.