Spree Commerce asked us to create an integration between Magento and their new product Wombat. We really got into it.

Today is a historic day. Integrating Magento to other apps has just become about a hundred times easier!

Let me rewind. A few months ago I were talking to a prospect with a typical story — a legacy ecommerce site in need of modernization, custom workflow, all that. As we got deeper into the discovery process, something new sparked my interest — they mentioned “Spree Commerce Hub” among the software they were thinking about using to help them integrate their apps. Intrigued, I headed over to the Spree website and signed up for a free trial.

It only took me five minutes of playing with the demo to convince me that I need to get out of the business of custom integrations. Here’s why: It took me two minutes to connect my Mailchimp and Twilio accounts to Wombat (most of the time was spent digging up API credentials). Two more minutes later I had them talking to each other. That’s right, data coming from one app to the other.

Data integration with Magento has always been a pain, but today we’ve solved some of the most painful parts. We’ve released not one but two different ways to connect Magento to Wombat!

To learn more about it, read my more extensive thoughts on Magento integration on Wombat’s blog.