If the world of eCommerce was a kingdom, Magento would be its sovereign. Magento is recognized as the most flexible full-featured e-commerce software available to all types of e-commerce businesses. With an incredible number of customizations designed to boost your website’s effectiveness, Magento as a platform is dedicated to providing a flexible, affordable solution for small and large businesses alike. But what if there was a way to maximize Magento’s effectiveness far beyond its original functionality? Nucleus Commerce has set out to do just that, and in Sellry’s opinion has exceeded expectations. Here’s a quick product rundown, along with estimated savings based on normal development costs per year:

  • Nucleus features a variety of frontend UI improvements focused on customer experience. Includes special functionality for customer segmentation, automatic related products, product questions and more – estimated development cost savings: $15K.
  • A state-of-the-art template, built by top Magento theme developer Brendan Falkowski. Not only does it take advantage of Magento’s existing capabilities, Brendan’s theme was designed from day one to support the modifications and integrations included in Nucleus Commerce. For the eCommerce merchant looking for the perfect blend of flexibility, simplicity, and cost effectiveness, this theme has no equal. – estimated development cost savings: $30K.
  • Adding to its shiny exterior, Nucleus Commerce is also equipped with exciting changes to the stock Magento backend. We’re very excited about Nucleus Elements, a brilliant time-saving content management feature allowing site operators with nothing more than basic HTML skills to create professional looking pages – estimated content management savings: $20K per year.
  • A highly advanced search feature built by the experts at Klevu – estimated revenue increase: $10K per year.
  • Pre-integrated with many of the most popular third-party services that merchants need, including Brightpearl (Micro-ERP), ShipperHQ (shipping), Avalara (sales tax calculation and reporting), Kount (fraud prevention) and more  –estimated development cost savings: $15K.
  • Nucleus offers support for both their service AND Magento, via a ticket/email system built into their service! That’s right, you can get help on any of the Nucleus features right from the Magento backend! – estimated cost savings: $20K per year.
  • The point is this: It’s never been easier to get a truly professional Magento store going. With Nucleus, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in your build and deploy costs alone, not to mention the time savings! Nucleus is a “no-brainer” for most merchants.

Nucleus Commerce focuses on reducing time and cost by up to 50% while still offering the core capabilities of Magento as well as other essential features.

Why Are We So Into Nucleus Commerce?

Sellry was privileged to be able to Join Nucleus Commerce at their official product launch in Las Vegas, during the 2015 Magento Imagine conference. We were sincerely blown away by not only how well thought-out their product is, but also by the quality and passion of the team behind it. We really think that the value of the product, combined with the fact that Nucleus is offering in-house product support for all stages of development, makes this the best thing to happen to Magento in well, ever.

Sellry is excited about Nucleus because it provides us with a more streamlined way to bring the industry-standard ecommerce platform to our clients (Magento),  with the ease of a simpler, more elegant platform. Nucleus has provided the average store owner instant access to some of the best Magento technology partners, and created a support structure you won’t find anywhere else. Sellry strongly believes that Nucleus is the future of Magento, and will very soon be a leader in Magento product solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can use our contact page, or visit We’d love for you to join the discussion! Leave a comment below, or use #nucleuscommerce on Twitter, and let us know what you think! – @sellrycommerce