Best Made Co.

Industry: Outdoors


Well-respected outdoor supplier Best Made Company had attempted to switch their existing e-commerce solution to the Spree e-commerce platform. Sadly, immediately after the migration to Spree was complete, they found the website to be plagued with instability. The customer experience was non-intuitive and frustrating; back-end administration suffered from multiple “gaps” that forced Best Made staff to manually perform tasks that were time-consuming and ultimately expensive; and conversion rates and revenue from the website had plummeted.

Best Made called Sellry in to get the Spree website operational so that sales figures could get back to original levels.


Sellry applied a five-step process to identify the cause of the problems and propose and implement solutions. That process included performing qualitative and quantitative analytics to identify problems and their causes; triaging the problems so as to address the most critical ones quickly; collaborating with Best Made staff to perform critical user experience improvements that would lead to success; and initiating and performing a continuous process of quality control checks during the e-commerce optimization process.

To address front-end, customer-facing issues, Sellry implemented a large series of quick UI changes where possible. Next, Sellry collaborated with Best Made to completely redesign the product detail page, which was causing a lot of user confusion. This greatly improved the customer experience and the purchasing process.

At the same time, front-end fixes were being addressed, Sellry also tackled a variety of problems in the back-end, administrative experience. This included tackling multiple bugs and gaps in the admin experience and automating several features that admins had been forced to complete manually after the initial switch to the Spree platform. Sellry also implemented the back-end support for seamless integration with Best Made’s accounting software, converting that process from non-operational to seamless.

Next, Sellry assisted with the implementation of marketing and merchandising solutions to optimize website sales performance.

As the project with Best Made progressed, Sellry followed a practice of continuous quality improvement, including establishing an expectation of test-driven development.


Within a month of our initial efforts, Best Made’s website experienced a 40% increase in conversion rate, a 17% increase in average order value, and a 46% lift in total revenue.

In addition, admin back-end work was reduced by at least 12 hours a week.

As a result of the QA processes and measures implemented, Best Made and Sellry can both anticipate and resolve potential bugs during testing and before deployment, leading to a better experience for customers and admins alike.

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