Flight Club

Industry: Lifestyle / Apparel


As the original sneaker consignment marketplace with both a strong ecommerce brick-and-mortar presence, Flight Club had substantial business and technical challenges when coming to Sellry in early 2016. Two stores with high foot traffic combined with a legacy e-commerce setup led to substantial inventory complications and poor customer experiences. The stock Magento ecommerce features did not adequately accommodate Flight Club’s unique needs. Flight Club team members were manually performing tasks that were time-consuming and expensive; and conversion rates from the website were much lower than desired. Flight Club was a fast-growing company that required features and experiences uniquely personalized to their customers. Competitors were entering the market and Flight Club needed to improve and differentiate its customer experience in order to gain market share.

Flight Club initially employed another development firm for years but were left in a worse position than when they started. Flight Club initially called in Sellry to audit their technology stack, but quickly decided to use Sellry’s full-service capabilities — inventory management, new payment processor development and implementation, technical support, Magento support, conversion optimization, UI/UX consulting, etc. Sellry not only cleaned up the damage from the previous development firm, but also helped Flight Club grow to become a world-class apparel brand.


Flight Club started to use and continues to use Sellry’s services because of Sellry’s history of solving daunting, complex problems. The Sellry team routinely executes project plans that address front-end, back-end, and customer-facing issues.

Sellry first dramatically improved database efficiency and performed damage-control from the previous development firm, then went on to propose and implement changes that drove customer-engagement with the brand.

Sellry has a unique ability to identify and triage problems that plague customers and Flight Club staff members. Over the past several years, Sellry implemented and customized various payment platforms, optimized checkout experiences, increased page load speeds, implementing various detailed UI changes, redesigned product pages, and established new marketing strategies. Sellry collaborated with Flight Club to completely redesign all pages on the website, preventing user confusion. Customer experiences were noticeably improved, and sales gains correlated closely with these changes.

As the project with Flight Club progressed, Sellry followed a practice of continual quality improvement, including establishing an expectation of test-driven development.  Optimizing the ecommerce experience and managing inventory between an ecommerce store and physical stores requires continuous quality control checks. Sellry performed qualitative and quantitative analytics to identify problems and their causes. By actively triaging problems, Sellry and Flight Club quickly address critical problems.

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