PRE Brands

Industry: Food & Beverage


In today’s highly-informed world, more consumers than ever want to eat healthy, but have little time to cook. This has created ripe market conditions for digitally-native brands delivering quality food right to our doorstep, at affordable prices.

When PRE approached Sellry, they were a just-launched and rapidly-growing brand without e-commerce capabilities. PRE knew they needed to take advantage of the B2C market, bolstered by the fact that they had an incredible product which had already been highly successful in the local Chicago market.


Sellry used an iterative development model to deliver maximum business value in a series of rollouts as follows:

  1. Speedy activation of e-commerce functionality via Shopify Plus
  2. Backend editing capability added to allow PRE staff to administer content throughout the site
  3. Custom development of special features such as advanced filtering mechanism for collections and additional backend support


At the end of the day, Sellry had not only outfitted PRE with a state-of-the-art website atop the Shopify Plus platform but also enabled recurring functionality, allowing customers to “fix it and forget it”. PRE has experienced a 45% increase month over month in revenue during their launch period.

In the words of Andrew Clark, Director of Operations,

We worked with Sellry to launch our Shopify Plus store and are thrilled with the results. Our launch included a migration of our existing site, design changes, adding a range of capabilities, and making many adjustments with tight deadlines. All was completed accurately and on time. Sellry is highly skilled and very responsive–we look forward to working them further!

For the best beef you’ll ever savor,!