Simply Framed

Industry: Lifestyle


Simply Framed customers choose their frame style, send in their art, and Simply Framed does the rest, returning framed art in ready-to-display condition. Simply Framed makes custom framing readily accessible to everyone from the neighbor next door to artists, designers, photographers, and more. With this mission in mind, Simply Framed wanted to build a Shopify store that could reach all of their customer segments and allow for complex customization, not just in framing, but in order structure too. 

Framing orders can be directed to Simply Framed from a few different places. In addition to accepting purchases through their website, Simply Framed has an integration with third party ecommerce stores, where customers can buy prints and then use Simply Framed for framing options. Simply Framed wanted to integrate orders from various channels into one single, cohesive cart experience. Additionally, they had some ideas for ways to make their custom frame orders even more customizable by allowing customers to ship to multiple locations within the same order. 

Simply Framed’s unique needs included:

  • Multi-address order placement
    • Allowing customers to set multiple addresses per line item or programmatically by post/API call
    • And passing this multiple address shipping information onto the endpoint that consumes the Shopify App data.
  • Customer-facing ability to duplicate a line item within the cart, preserving all line item data.
  • Customer-facing ability to initiate editing a line item from the cart (will return customer to an earlier step in the flow).
  • Ability to set gift notes per line item, either by the customer or programmatically by post/API call.

Before reaching out to Sellry, Simply Framed was working with Faculty, another external agency. Faculty was building a custom storefront but was newer to the Shopify ecosystem. They recognized that using Shopify for a highly customizable product was best practice and that some of the customizations Simply Framed was looking for in their checkout process would require a high level of development expertise — if they were possible to build at all. 

Simply Framed and Faculty sought out a Shopify Expert to help build the bridge between the custom application developed by Faculty and Shopify while maintaining the level of UX that their customers had come to expect from Simply Framed. 


Simply Framed hired Sellry under a two week retainer. The Sellry team was under a tight timeline and the scope for this project was quite complex — even considered impossible by some.

While off-the-shelf applications were available that met some of Simply Framed’s requirements functionally, the UX was not enough to ‘wow’ customers. There were many different ways we could have integrated external partners. In the end, Sellry’s solution for Simply Framed consisted of:

  • Reviewing data communication with Faculty to determine how to get the data needed to load the user’s cart 
  • Analyzing custom integration options with Shopify app GiftShip (i.e. how to send them the pre-completed addresses, and how to improve their UX and functionality)
  • Customizing the Shopify theme’s cart template including:
    1. taking the data in from Faculty to loading into the user cart
    2. allowing users to edit line items (which redirects them back to the Faculty App)
    3. allowing users to duplicate line items (which makes a plain copy of the exact line item with all its properties)
    4. displaying specific product data (and hiding undesired data, as well as building a toggle to read all the list of customizations on the line item) via JavaScript applying (b. to d.) the same on the GiftShip’s controlled Shopify Cart

Sellry’s solution built upon an existing application that would allow users to customize their orders to allow multiple shipment options. The solution involved a lot of custom javascript in order to make the integration clean and preserve a high level of quality in Simply Framed’s UX. 

Through some development creativity, Sellry was able to do a very specific customization that was highly tied to the customer needs. According to Sellry’s project manager, “We made Shopify work in a way it is not necessarily planned to be,” but because of the Sellry team’s extensive background in the platform, Sellry was able to utilize Shopify in a new way that met all of the client goals. Other Shopify experts might not have believed it possible but the Sellry team delivered a quality solution, before the deadline, and on budget. 

Because of Simply Framed’s very unique needs in this build, Sellry had to move into some uncertain territory to quickly deliver its solution. Nonetheless, under that uncertainty, the Sellry team was able to effectively execute and get the project done.