Industry: Health & Wellness


TRUWOMEN is a dynamic startup with an ambitious concept — healthy protein bars with tastes reminiscent of comfort food like donuts, lemon bars and, cookie dough! TRUWOMEN came to Sellry with a number of immanent needs, ranging from a top-down redesign to complex accounting workflow automation between Shopify Plus and Netsuite. All this needed to coincide with a series of product launches.


In order to accommodate an important pre-planned marketing calendar, the redesign was conducted within a single, tightly orchestrated phase interleaving strategy, design and development. While this type of approach is generally risky, Sellry delivered a premium, optimized theme on budget and ahead of schedule.

Frontend stabilized, Sellry was able to activate workflow automation between the Netsuite ERP that a number of parties had deduced were impossible.

All told, TRUWOMEN’s story is only beginning, and we can’t wait to see how the brand evolves.

Shelli Jarrett, Vice President:

We now know what a “great” job looks like! Sellry improved purchase flow and were able to resolve a Shopify-Netsuite issue that both vendors said was impossible to remedy. I found them responsive and efficient. I would recommend Sellry to anyone who wants to get the most out of their Shopify site.

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