Vital Plan

Industry: Health & Wellness


After experiencing difficult health issues and frustration with the medical system, Bill Rawls, M.D. and his daughter Braden Rawls worked together to found Vital Plan, a high-quality supplement company. Previously the operator of his own medical office, Dr. Rawls turned to herbology and high-quality supplement development after having difficulty finding solutions to his chronic pain through traditional medication. Working together, Dr. Rawls and Braden were able to expand their brand from a few shelves in Dr. Rawls’ office to a national company.

Their team has been ambitious from the beginning and when they approached Sellry, they had ideas for their future growth in mind.

Breaking through the noise

Vital Plan was already seeing success and sales when they came to Sellry, but they knew there were additional opportunities for growth that the right agency partner could help them tap into.

Initially, Vital Plan was looking for a website redesign that would help them stand out from other supplement stores. With Sellry’s help, they broke out of the traditional “people doing yoga” website theme, and into a more direct to consumer, information-rich, conservatively attractive website designed that helped garner a deeper trust from discriminating buyers.

In addition to improving the website’s user experience, Sellry played an integral role in helping to expand Vital Plan’s customer education efforts. Sellry built unique shopping tools including a supplement chooser, a unique taxonomy allowing shopping by ingredient, condition and category, and soft-sell internal ads.

The initial relaunch set the stage for a multi-year growth spurt for Vital Plan, during which they moved from being a little-known supplement company to a moderately successful one known for honest information and quality supplements.

Redefining recurring revenue

After seeing the success from their initial website redesign, Vital Plan reached out to Sellry again, this time to help them migrate the site to Shopify Plus and build an effective subscription model

The transition from Woo Commerce to Shopify Plus made it much easier for their team to set up product pages and manage their day-to-day operations. Shopify Plus also gave Sellry the flexibility to build an autoship program that would meet all of Vital Plan’s needs. 

Vital Plan worked closely with Sellry to implement a very carefully thought-out autoship program involving extensive usability analysis and deep modifications to the website. The autoship program was a wild success, due to the multitudinous upsell and conversion strategies used across the customer experience, including:

  • Upsell-style interfaces and messaging communicating the benefits of autoship
  • A very clean autoship management interface, communicating to users the central importance of this program to their well being
  • Close ties-in to the CRM so that CS had instant visibility into the status of the customer, and providing the insight to take targeted manual actions like calling customers that were likely to lapse

Ecommerce stores frequently sell themselves short when it comes to autoship, relying on standardized UI with little consideration of the customer journey. Vital Plan shows just how effective it can be to buck the system, with industry-leading opt-in on their autoship program.


Since the initial launch of Vital Plan’s partnership with Sellry in 2014, Sellry has guided Vital Plan through two hard pivots on their core website, built three additional sites, and done extensive custom development and strategy implementation. Additionally, Sellry has developed some product specific websites for Vital Plan with a turn around time of under three weeks.

In the years since 2014, Vital Plan has unlocked significant growth, with several successful investment rounds raised and 4-5x growth in annual revenue, much of which is by way of ongoing monthly recurring revenue from over 1000 subscription purchases each month. Conversion rates through their website have also been significantly improved. As Sellry continues to helps Vital Plan implement innovative shopping solutions for their customers, Vital Plan will see continued growth long into the future.


A dream to work with. Sellry was very detail-oriented and sensitive to our timeline and budget. Overall, we came away with a beautiful website that is converting well with customers. We will hire Sellry for all of our future website needs! — Braden Rawls, Vital Plan CEO

Vital Partnerships

In Vital Plan’s redesign and many others, Sellry works with partners including Shopify Plus and ReCharge in order to build the best possible shopping experience. The flexibility of the Shopify Plus platform gives the Sellry team access to many pre-built, trusted solutions, as well as sufficient room to play when building custom solutions for companies like Vital Plan.

The subscription solutions available from ReCharge also played an integral role in Vital Plan’s growth. The flexibility of the Shopify Plus Platform and ReCharge’s subscription solutions helped the Sellry developers easily construct a strong, custom product to meet Vital Plan’s needs. Sellry is proud to be a ReCharge implementation partner that can help fit their solutions into any website workflow and customer experience seamlessly.