Wanderer Bracelets

Industry: Lifestyle


As is the case with many of the brands Sellry works with, Wanderer Bracelet was growing rapidly and needed the customer-facing experience of the site to keep pace. In support of this aim, Sellry began an engagement focused on maximizing the conversion potential of the site.


Working in close collaboration with renowned conversion expert Nick Disabato as well as the rest of the Wanderer team, Sellry implemented a series of A/B experiments with careful measures taken to ensure the statistical significance of the results achieved. From the get-go, a number of “quick wins” were addressed, causing an immediate and noticeable bump in CVR, AOV and other crucial metrics.

When running conversion experimentation on such a granular level, it is easy to miss the forest for the trees and miss opportunities for larger improvements that may be harder to test.

To avoid this danger, once the “experiment pipeline” was active, Sellry began simultaneous work on more macro ideas, including a major redesign (which retained all the conversion learnings from the then-legacy theme) and other similarly large projects.

In the words of Ben Katzaman, Founder of Wanderer Bracelets,

Sellry has performed above our expectations in technical knowledge, in taking the time to understand our needs and providing spot-on solutions. Having a development partner as linchpin between marketing agencies and our creative team allows us to operate in a more streamlined and effective manner.

To get beautiful bracelets that benefit an entire village in Bali (story here), check out wandererbracelets.com.